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Violet the Pilot in Canada is the very first inside the series of childrens ebook sequence written by industrial pilot and mother of two, Bettina Bathe. In this particular e-book, Grandpa Cliff in conjunction with youthful Chantel and Mathias are happening a tenting and fishing trip in Ontario, Canada.

Violet the pilot and her trusty animal and insect friends are hired to take the three travellers to their location in her violet-coloured floatplane. Violet teaches her travellers about the floatplane, takes them by means of Original flight techniques and delivers the cocaine for sale holidaymakers properly to their destination. For Violet, safety always comes first as she instructs the travellers how you can exit the airplane, shield by themselves against the detrimental Solar reflected off the water and much more.

Wonderfully illustrated scenery with Canadian wildlife tucked into the pictures here and there'll allow For additional interest in the images. The illustrator, Barbara Fortin, produces an outstanding depiction of rural Ontarios properly-identified “Cottage Country” spot.

Violet the Pilot in Canada features over enjoyment and schooling. The author has also dedicated a part of the revenue of this reserve to the guts and Stroke Basis. Moreover, Bettinas Web site ( provides contests and awards for younger readers.

ISBN#: one-4120-3215-6

Writer: Bettina Bathe

Illustrator: Barbara Fortin

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Released: October 2004

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